Searching assets made simple

Use ImageKit's advanced search and organization features to help teams quickly find the right asset and execute campaigns faster

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Organize and search assets in your own way

Create an organization scheme suitable for your business with custom metadata fields and leverage it to find the exact asset.

Search assets the way humans do

Integrated AI-powered services to tag your images with the actual visual content. Move beyond file and folder names, and find images using our regular vocabulary.

Filter based on an asset's intrinsic parameters

ImageKit maps more than ten parameters like geolocation, keywords, file format, resolution, and more with your assets to enable efficient search

Combine multiple parameters to find the exact asset

From simple filename-based searches to constructing complex logical queries with multiple search parameters, ImageKit makes it easy to narrow down or broaden your search

Code snippets

Integrate with your existing workflows programmatically

Use the media management APIs to integrate asset search in your existing CMS and workflows or create a custom experience inside your product

curl -X GET ''\
-G --data-urlencode "searchQuery="customMetadata.category" IN ["clothing", "accessories"]"\
-u your_private_api_key:
imagekitio ="your_private_key", "your_public_key", "your_url_endpoint")
list_files = imagekitio.list_files({search_query: '"customMetadata.category" IN ["clothing", "accessories"]"'})

use ImageKitImageKit;

$public_key = "your_public_api_key";
$your_private_key = "your_private_api_key";
$url_end_point = "";

$imageKit = new ImageKit(

$listFiles = $imageKit->listFiles(array(
    "searchQuery" => '"customMetadata.category" IN ["clothing", "accessories"]"',

echo ("List files : " . json_encode($listFiles));

var ImageKit = require("imagekit");

var imagekit = new ImageKit({
	publicKey : "your_public_api_key",
	privateKey : "your_private_api_key",
	urlEndpoint : ""

	searchQuery : '"customMetadata.category" IN ["clothing", "accessories"]"'
}, function(error, result) { 
	if(error) console.log(error);
	else console.log(result);
from imagekitio import ImageKit

imagekit = ImageKit(
	url_endpoint = ''

list_files = imagekit.list_files({'searchQuery': '"customMetadata.category" IN ["clothing", "accessories"]"'})

print("List files-", "\n", list_files) logo
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