Manipulate images in real-time

URL parameters to resize, crop, watermark and create other image variations from a single high-res image.

Responsive images made easy

Resizing and croppingAdapt images using multiple crop and aspect ratio options.
Crisp images on retina displaysDeliver high-resolution images using the DPR transformation.
Enhanced lazy loading experienceUse blurred variant of the original image as placeholder instead of a stock photo.
Automatic resizing with Client-hintsTurn on client-hints and resize based on user device & website layout.
Resizing and cropping example,h-500,dpr-2,cm-pad_resize,bg-69C3EF
DPR 2 example,h-500,dpr-2,fo-top
Lazy load example,h-500,dpr-2,fo-top,q-30,bl-10

Create perfect thumbnails

AI-based smart croppingAutomatically bring the subject of the image in the center with content-aware smart crop.
Face detectionCrop around faces using computer vision based face detection algorithms.
Custom focus areaDefine focus coordinates using the UI or API for custom cropping.
Intelligent image cropping example,h-500,dpr-2,fo-auto

Dynamically generate images

Image and Text OverlaysUse URL-based parameters to dynamically add watermark and text on images.
Styling and positioning controlsModify overlay size, position, padding, text font styles, color etc. directly from the URL.
Personalized imagesChain multiple overlays and other transformations to create an engaging visual experience.
Conditional TransformationsVary how you transform your images based on their properties like width, height, aspect ratio, and more directly from the URL.

Enforce best practices and security

Named transformationsCreate developer friendly aliases for the commonly used transformations strings.
Signed URLSet time-based expiry and prevent third-parties from using random image transformations on your assets.
Private imagesPrevent unauthorized users from accessing your original assets and their variants.

Image enhancement and other transformations

Progressive JPEG, quality and compression controlHave full control over images using one unified platform.
Contrast and sharpness enhancementUse contrast stretching and image sharpening for visually-appealing images.
Trim, rotate, background and rounded cornersCreate the perfect image that complement your layout.
Image enhancement example,h-500,dpr-2,f-jpg,q-60,pr-true
Contrast and sharpness enhancement example,h-500,dpr-2,e-sharpen-2
Rotate image example,h-500,dpr-2,rt-90,b-5_FFF000