Automate image optimization
at scale

Deliver high-quality images to your users with the best possible format and compression using a single URL.

Intelligent format conversion

AVIF and WebP format supportDeliver images in AVIF, WebP, and animated WebP formats on supported devices without changing image URLs.
Optimal format selectionImageKit evaluates different formats, original image content, and device support to deliver the smallest file at the highest quality.
Control formats with parametersDecide the image output format in real-time using the format transformation parameter in the image URL.

Compression with high visual quality

Automatic image compressionSet the default image compression level in the dashboard to suit your business requirements.
Override compression settingsChange image compression level in real-time using the quality parameter in the URL.
Lossless modeSelectively apply lossless compression on WebP and PNG images using the corresponding URL parameters.
Data-saver supportEnable data-saver mode to respect the user's preference to receive less data.
Override quality settings example,h-500,dpr-2,f-jpg,q-30
Lossless mode example,dpr-2,lo-true

Image metadata management

Metadata handling for the webReduce file size by stripping the entire metadata or selectively preserving the color profile using the dashboard settings.
Override default metadata settingsUse URL-based metadata parameters to control the output metadata associated with an individual image.
Automatic rotation based on EXIF dataLet ImageKit correctly orient the images based on camera orientation metadata and strip other metadata to reduce file size.
Override default settings example,h-500,dpr-2,f-jpg,md-true